RID Code Bücher 2019-2020 (Deutsch)


Bücher zur Verfügung gegenüber dem ersten Quartal 2019

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On 1 January 2019 appeared the latest edition of the RID code 2019-2020 for rail transport of dangerous goods. This code for the rail transport of dangerous materials has been translated into Dutch and freely given by the Dutch Government. We offer the official English edition of the Government including VSG and WvGS against the cheapest rate. They have a convenient format that in the work and are easy to handle during exams.

The RID code 2019-2020 books are available immediately.

The regulations concerning the international carriage of dangerous goods by rail (RID). The code applies in participating countries in Europe. It is applicable to the international transport of dangerous goods on the territory of the parties that have signed these rules. The RID code is an annex of the scheme transport of dangerous materials by rail (VGS) and belongs to the transport of dangerous substances Act.

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